"Spend Just THREE Days With Me And I Will Transform You Into A JV Brokering Dealmaker Who Gets Rewarded Very Handsomely Because You Are One Of The RARE Few Specialists GROOMED To Become Part Of My Brokering Team With Your Very Own JV Brokering and Deal Making Business!"

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“My Name Is Sohail Khan (Who Some Regard as one of the World’s Top JV Experts) and I will be training 8 of the next top JV Brokers in Las Vegas and London to create their own business and I would like YOU to be one of this select group”

From the desk of: Sohail Khan – Las Vegas and London

Dear fellow entrepreneur,

What will your life be like when you own your own “JV Brokering and Deal Making Business”?

What better way to create ‘Money Out of Thin Air’ than creating deals that require you to hold NO STOCK, NO EMPLOYEES, NO INVESTMENT, NO LIST and NO TRAFFIC! I believe that this is THE quickest way to make 6 and 7 figures without RISK!

When You Make the Choice to Invest In Your Very Own Lucrative ‘Joint Venture Brokering Business’ …

… You’ll know EXACTLY how to easily create your own 6, 7 or 8 figure breakthrough successes using our unique JV Strategies and super simple JV Systems.

… You’ll RESTRUCTURE your mindset and become part of the 5% of people who really understand Joint Ventures, know how to do them successfully, and use them to bring in 6, 7 or  even 8figures per year for themselves!

… You’ll be able to take ANY business, any situation, any opportunity, any deal, challenge or circumstance, and produce significant results effortlessly – even in a recession!

…You’ll TRANSFORM Into Someone EASILY Worth Six Or Even Seven Figures Because of Your Ability To:

  • Masterfully Orchestrate 7-figure Product Launches
  • Network With And Influence Industry Leaders
  • Recognize Obvious Joint Venture Matches
  • Turn Around Failing Online And Offline Businesses

…You’ll BECOME The Answer To A Prayer For Countless Struggling Business Owners Who Have NO Idea Where To Even Begin.

…You’ll LOCATE, Court, Recruit, Train and Motivate People Who Already Have The Lists, Website Traffic, Name Recognition Or Other Assets Required To Sell More Of Your Clients Products And Services. (Without these people (and their assets) your clients product launches or relaunches will flop, and many will be out of business a year from now.)

…You’ll USE the tools, tactics, techniques, strategies and systems that we’ll teach you to methodically, and scientifically build them a world-class sales force of joint venture partners and super-affiliates.

Even the biggest, most successful businesses are often finding themselves BAFFLED by this new economy. Despite all of their experience and training, they’re facing a challenge like nothing they’ve ever seen before.

They will pay you BIG money because you CAN turn things around for them.

We speak to thousands of would-be coaches and consultants every year.

Everyone’s searching for the ‘magic pill’ that can instantly give them everything they ever wanted from their own consulting business.

It’s not that simple or that quick – you know it’s not. But our Bootcamp IS the nearest thing to the magic pill – it just takes 3 whole days to swallow!

Mind you, if anyone said to you that after three days you’d have the solutions to every imaginable problem in terms of creating unlimited income, you’d think they’d gone crazy. But that’s exactly what the ‘JV Brokering Business’ program gives you.

In fact it’s better than that. You get concrete solutions all ready to go the moment you leave the course. I don’t know of any other way you can transform your business in such a short space of time. Do you?

What Makes ME The Right Person To Do This?

  • It’s what I’ve done for the past 15 years as a joint venture expert.
  • Someone who went from making millions, to losing millions and back again to one of the most respected marketers and joint venture experts in the world.
  • I’ve taught entire chamber of commerce memberships my strategies and tactics.
  • I’ve helped to connect some of the most well-known gurus and businesses in the world creating 7 figure results! No, I don’t take credit for either of these very successful icons. However, they do indicate the level of networking I can teach you.
  • A business owner also involved in one of the toughest businesses that there is… public speaking worldwide… selling from the stage, and building a thriving business.
  • Trained as an accountant, I “get” statistics and marketing
  • An instructor whose skills were honed while running an 8 figure corporate training business…something most online marketers struggle to do.
  • A decisive businessman who spent a lifetime literally making multi-million dollar decisions.
  • Someone who has been through building great wealth and then losing everything only to come back stronger through the POWER of Joint Ventures! Every business needs that skill, and I’ll give it to you!

So What’s Included In The JV Brokering Business Program?
By going through the program you’ll automatically learn how to…

  • Harness the power of Joint Ventures
  • Find Joint Venture partners
  • Approach Joint Venture partners
  • Get past the gatekeeper
  • Find Super Affiliates Online
  • Approach Super Affiliates
  • Get the 7 figure Joint Venture mindset
  • Write a winning Joint Venture proposal
  • Use direct response marketing
  • Use Internet marketing
  • Follow up with Joint Venture partners
  • Make the Joint Venture deal successful
  • Handle Joint Venture negotiations and agreements
  • Track the Joint Venture deal
  • Make sure you get paid again and again
  • Deal with difficult Joint Venture partners
  • Avoid deadly mistakes beginners make
  • Close your own first Joint Venture deal in 30-60 days
  • Start making money Instantly from a joint venture brokering

Over the 3 days of Intensive hands-on training we will cover…

  • The Power Of Joint Ventures
  • Becoming a Joint Venture Expert
  • Real Life Joint Venture Case Studies
  • The Joint Venture Mindset
  • The Role Of a Joint Venture Broker
  • How To Network For Success
  • Building Rapport and Relationships
  • Building Your Credibility
  • Expert Lead Generation Systems
  • Best Product Formats
  • Best Product Creation Tools
  • 7 Figure JV Product Creation
  • Identifying Potential JV Partners
  • Finding Potential JV Partners
  • Finding Potential Target Markets
  • Best Target Marketing Tools
  • Approaching JV Partners
  • Contacting Potential JV Partners
  • Using Social Media To Connect
  • Building Your JV Network
  • Probing JV Partners
  • The JV Proposal Approach
  • Structuring The JV Proposal
  • Closing The Deal
  • Agreements and Contracts
  • Protecting The Deal
  • How To Negotiate
  • Managing JV Partners
  • Educating JV Partners
  • Training JV Partners
  • Motivating JV Partners
  • Done For You Formula
  • JV Blogs and JV Tools
  • Studying Competitors
  • Most Popular Types of Joint Ventures
  • 11 Great Joint Venture Examples
  • Your 6 Figure JV Project

You also get unlimited coaching and support from me, my pre-training materials which consists of over 24 Audio CD’s and Video DVD’s, 3 days of LIVE training in Las Vegas or London, the full recordings of my 3 day LIVE training, ALL my Joint Venture Agreements and Templates, resell rights to ALL my JV courses and the same Lead Generation System that I and my JV Brokers use!

You’ll also walk away with a formal, complete joint venture deal ready to put into action and start actually making money for you and get to share my future JV deals! Remember, this is NOT theory, but about learning a really rare and valuable skill and then starting to actually use it to get rewarded for your new knowledge!

Without A Market All You Have Is an Idea!

Some very brilliant business people, programmers, authors, speakers, and professionals are coming online as an alternative to finding a JOB, coming up with a product, and then being hit with a very heart-wrenching bit of reality…

You can have the greatest product in the world but if you don’t know how to market it you won’t make a penny from it and those who would gain the most benefit will never see it.

You can have a product with the potential to make $100 million but unless you can locate and get the attention of the people who already have the attention of your ideal customer… all you’ve got is an idea… and millions of people have brilliant ideas that are destined to die with them.

We will spend 3 full, very-intense days going over the mindset, procedures, tools, tactics, strategies, psychology, and leading-edge technology that will make you uniquely qualified to successfully get a product into the hands of a vast pond of hungry, PAYING customers!

Here’s The Deal In a Nutshell…

Mentors who have looked at what I have planned have told me that I’ll be so exhausted at the end of these three days that it will probably take me a month to recover, and that I’ll probably never want to do it for long!

So, this may be your one and only opportunity to learn from someone steeped in perhaps the most in-demand marketing skill there is!

The advantage to investing in this NEW program is because not only will I help you set up your very own lucrative International Joint Venture Brokering and Deal Making Business working with you over 12 months AND also giving you a JV project to work on to gain, but during the 3 days of training, you’ll be able to ask any question you might have and get an answer right then and there. Plus, you’ll be Introduced to some of the best of the best – the power elite of the marketing world.

Ok, That All Sounds Great, But What’s It Gonna Cost Me?

What’s it going to cost you? My previous 5 Day JV Bootcamps SOLD OUT! at $20,000!

The risk-free investment to be stepped through the process of earning at least TEN TIMES that much in the next 12 months… in fees and commissions for your expertise will be a LOT LESS than $20,000 (£13,000), but may Increase depending on the massive demand!

I will also allow you to spread out your investment in easy payments…

It’s a tough job that takes a decisive individual, but that is exactly what your clients will be looking for.

Here’s What Worldwide Attendees Say About This Program!

Watch Me Interview One Of My 7 Figure JV Brokers!

Here Is What Mary-Kay Says About Working With Sohail

‘Sohail’s course was a 3 day immersion into JV Brokering and Deal Making. The way Sohail presents it is excellent because he breaks it up into segments each day. The groups are small, which is nice, and it is very interactive. Sohail is so competent in this field I just wish I could have cloned him. He really is a master and explains everything so well. When you are finished on the third day you really feel that you can do this.

What I really like is the consistent follow up with him not only through Skype and emails but we have an individual 1-to-1 call every month where he is helping us on a JV deal that either we or he has sourced for us. There is a private JV Consultants group on Facebook with Sohail that everyone is actively participating on where he share what others are doing any new JV deals that we might be interested in etc. Very cool.

Right now Sohail is helping me with Licensing and Partnering in the pharma industry by connecting companies with patented products to companies who are looking for licensing deals.

I deal mostly with Offline Businesses so this really is a great project for me. Sohail is very involved with this every step of the way. We are now rolling out the process internationally. He wants me to concentrate on this until we start to see momentum which looks like it will happen fairly quickly and it will pay off quite big. I could be looking at the potential of $50,000-$100,000 per deal!

I really would recommend this program because Sohail really delivers from his end. It would be up to you to take action and he is with you every step of the way. He makes it clear that the monthly calls are a must from the beginning and this has been great for me because it is about accountability.

With other very expensive programs I have purchased it was after the course you are sent out on your own with no personal one on one like Sohail offers.

Bottom line is if you want to be a JV Broker and have your own successful JV Brokering and Deal Making Business then Sohail is definitely the one to learn from. I am so glad I took the leap of faith to join him after I had done my due diligence for months’. Mary-Kay Allen, Arizona USA

Testimonial From a 7 Figure Client Based in NYC

No Questions Asked Money Back Guarantee!

Attend the LIVE training (that will give you the necessary skills to create and close lucrative deals as a JV Broker) and at the end of Day 1 If you don’t believe that you will benefit from the program you can ask for your money back! However, If you stay and complete the 3 days of LIVE training not only will I work with your personally but also hand you your first lucrative 6 Figure JV deal.

But You Have To Take Action… We are not looking for dreamers.

We’re looking for hungry entrepreneurs that are chomping at the bit to get started and can follow through till the finish line.

Did you know that most boating magazines are sold to people who don’t own boats, and most flying magazines are sold to armchair pilots? We’re looking for the folks who actually own a boat or can fly an airplane – figuratively speaking.

Only 3 Places Left!

We’re not looking to sell to people who prefer to dream… we don’t want to waste your time or ours! We only have 3 places left for our next LIVE programs in Las Vegas for April (London SOLD OUT) and we don’t want to lock out someone who would actually help to turn around a struggling company!

Still Unsure? Just watch the video and testimonials at the top of this page from my recent programs in London and Las Vegas!

If this very-real, perhaps once-in-a-lifetime offer interests you, and if you’re ready to take the bull by the horns and invest in this program, go ahead and register via the link below for a 1-to-1 Discovery Session with myself to see if this opportunity is right for you and to ask more questions.

Yes Sohail! I Want the Lucrative Lifestyle of a Certified Joint Venture Broker

Here’s wishing you great success.

Sohail Khan – 7 Figure JV Expert/Trainer/Author/Speaker

PS. Right now you’re sitting at a “T” in the road. If you go one way, you’re just gonna get more of the same thing you’ve always got, but if you go the other way, you’re in for a total life changing experience.

So what’s it going to be? Are you happy with the status quo, or are you looking for something more? Will you make the right turn and take me up on my no-risk offer?

PPS. Please click below to register your details as places for our next LIVE programs in 2015 will be going fast, so you need to decide quickly. Are you a dreamer or a doer? Click the ‘Yes Let Me In Now’ button below to register for a 1-to-1 Discovery Session with myself to see if this opportunity is right for you and to ask more questions.

PPPS. Remember, the risk is removed with my No Questions Asked Money Back Guarantee, and you can also pay in easy instalments if you qualify for the program.

REGISTER NOW below while it’s fresh on your mind and see you soon!

Yes Sohail! I Want the Lucrative Lifestyle of a Certified Joint Venture Broker